Ways To Make Your Teeth Whiter At Home

smileAs much as 30% of the population are unhappy with stains and dark patches on their teeth. This is hard to avoid as it’s a natural process over time from the food we eat. But you can easily do something about it, as there are easy ways to make your teeth whiter at home. So here are some quick tips.

1. Avoid Excess

Firstly though, you should always remember that anything you use to whiten your teeth should never be used in excess. It’s often seen that people who use fruit based treatments to whiten their teeth forget that those fruits contain acids which can in the long run damage your teeth. So you need to be careful when whitening your teeth that you are not over-zealous and end up damaging them. You can certainly use fruits to help whiten but just remember not to do it too often. There’s a balance which gives you whiter teeth but also teeth that stay healthy for longer.

2. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is not so well known for use on your teeth. But all you need to do is to massage your teeth with mustard oil, and also you gums. While doing this massage you should remember not to be harsh on your gums, rather message softly and slowly. When you message your gums as well as your teeth with mustard oil, you on one hand keep your gums healthy and on the other hand you are actually making your teeth shine.

3. Dried Basil Leaves

Another great procedure by which you can actually keep your teeth fresh and sparkling is simply by using dried basil leaves. All you need to do is to dry the leaves if not already dried, and then grind into a powder. You can apply this directly to your teeth. Basil leaves are easily available and very cheap (especially if you grow your own), making this a great home remedy.

4. Baking Soda

This is one of my favorites. Simply mix up baking soda with your toothpaste and brush your teeth. Just remember not to use this too frequently, as you don’t want to damage tooth enamel which is the protective shield of your teeth.

All these methods mentioned here can be effective, and at the same time are cheap. But they do require a bit of dedication on your part. Unlike the harsh chemicals they do need to be repeated regularly, but are much less likely to cause you gum damage so are worth the effort.

There are various reasons for the stains you find on your teeth. One of the primary reasons is age and simply daily usage when eating and drinking. Another reason can be that your teeth may get stained due to contamination of various things like nicotine from smoking, or drinking tea, coffee and red wine. But even if you quit smoking or drinking tea regularly, you still need to remove the stains so hopefully these quick tips will help you out.

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